November, 2015

U. S. Soccer indicates it will announce in the near future, specific details, including a number of new initiatives and recommendations concerning limitations on heading the ball as well as a more comprehensive player safety campaign. Learn more.

BGYSA is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our athletes playing in both competitive and recreational leagues. In order to focus on this commitment, we will provide our members with tools and resources to educate them on the extreme dangers of concussions; how to prepare for and protect against concussions; the causes and recognizing the symptoms of a concussive injury.

All coaches in BGYSA will be required to have completed a Concussion Certification.  The recommended course is provided free from the CDC and may be accessed by the following link.  CDC Heads Up Concussion Training. It is also recommended that parents take this free online course so they know and understand the severity, the symptoms, and recovery information of concussion-related injuries. 

Some additional concussion related resources:

BGYSA Concussion Awareness Form

HEADS UP to Parents

Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet

Coaches Concussion Clipboard

Parents Concussion Fact Sheet

Concussion Resources from CDC




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