1)    All matches will start and end on time regardless of any stoppage.

2)    Horns will sound on the 00 and 30 past each hour to signal the referees to start the match

3)    Horns will sound on the 25 and 55 past each hour to signal the referees to end the match

4)    Matches will officially start and end with the referee’s whistle.  Referees will be allowed to let a play continue to completion.

5)    At the end of each match the coach must verify the score with the referee and sign the game slip that will be turned in to the tournament staff.

GAMES: U10, U12 & U15 divisions will play 25 minute games
SUBSTITUTIONS: All divisions may substitute at any time.


1)    Each player SHOULD play at least 50% of the playing time of each game (The only exceptions allowed are illness, or unwillingness to play)

2)    Players will not play all of their playing time in the same position. (example: John Smith starts at left forward, he must play a different position his second time out.  If John Smith plays the entire game, he must not play in the same position for more than 50% of the game.)

3)    Only players who have played in at least 50% of the fall rec season (4 games) are eligible to participate in the round robin.  

4)    No team may play the same Keeper in consecutive games. Since the Round Robin games are only ½ the length of normal games, it is expected that a player playing Keeper in one game should play the field in the next game.


In the event that the opposing team does not have enough players to field a complete team coaches may use non-rostered players (Guest Player) from another team after the approval of FIELD STAFF and recorded on the referee Game Sheet.  These guest players must be registered for the Fall Rec 2017 season.


1)    Only rostered players who have played in a minimum of 34% of the fall rec games (3 out of 8) from the scheduled teams will be allowed to play.

2)    Both teams are to play with the same amount of players on the field to start the game.

3)    If one team has more goals than the opposing team in a game, the team with more goals is allowed to play with less players than the opposing team.

4)    A Guest Player can only play for another team once during the Round Robin.

Game formats

U10: 7v7
U12: 9v9
U15: 11v11

These are the team sizes specified by Soccer RI and US Youth Soccer, and what we specifiy in our league rules and regulations.

We are a recreational league, so we have some flexibility.  I know it's a results-based day, but we want to keep a balance of competition while keeping it fun for the rec-only players.

Teams may play with less players on the field if both coaches are in agreement.
If one team has 9 players and no subs, then that team will have the option to either play 9v9 with no subs, or force the 8v8 game at their request so they can have at least one sub.
If both teams would prefer to play 7v7 or even 6v6, then that is fine as long as both teams are in agreement and have the same number of players on the field.



All Age Divisions will be awarded points on the following basis:

WIN: Six (6) Points
TIE: Three (3) Points
SHUT OUT: (1) Point (yes 0-0 tie is a shut out for both teams)
LOSS: Zero (0) Points



1. Head-to Head. (If there is a 3 team tie, proceed to the next tie breaker)
2. Goal Differential, max of +/-4 per game (Team wins 7-0, Winning Team gets 4GF, Losing Team gets 4GA)

3. Goals For (GF), max of +/-4 per game (Team wins 7-2, Winning Team gets 6GF, Losing Team gets 6GA)

4. Goals Against (GA), max of +/-4 per game (Team wins 9-3, Winning Team gets 7GF, Losing Team gets 7GA) 

5. Shoot-Outs – All Divisions

Please contact recdir@bgysa.org if you have any questions.





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