Becoming a referee is fairly simple. Rhode Island offers two entry-level programs for individuals interested in becoming a referee. No prior experience is required, however, you will have a better chance of successful completion with a basic understanding of the game.  

Entry-level referees will start at the Grade 9 Recreational Referee level and will be taught a basic understanding of the Laws of Games adequate for officiating at the recreational level.  After one year as a Grade 9 Recreational Referee, the referee may choose to upgrade to a Grade 8 Referee.

Grade 9 Recreational Referees are authorized to officiate recreational (aka “house league”) matches up to the U14 age division, and may be assistant referee (AR) on competitive youth matches (such as the Super Liga) up to the U14 division.

In addition, grade 9 referees are permitted to be referee in competitive matches up to the U10 division. Assignment is not strictly limited to those matches; if the need arises, assignors may assign a Grade 9 Recreational Referee to a higher level match to fill an assignment or to provide a slightly higher level of difficulty to an official looking to upgrade.

Most of the clinics occur in January through early March and then again from late July through September but it is advised that you keep checking the website for updates and additions. 


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Updated 11/03/2018

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