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During the fall recreational season, BGYSA holds tryouts for the upcoming winter and spring soccer season. Below are some common questions and answers that parents have about the select program and what kind of commitment is involved.


Q: Who is eligible to attend tryouts?

A: Any child that has a desire to play soccer at a higher level, starting as early as the Under 7 age group. The child does not have to be playing fall recreational soccer in order to tryout. 

Q: When are tryouts?

A: Tryouts for the 2014/2015 season will be held 9/28/13 and 10/5/13 (please see tryout page for details).

Q: Where are tryouts?

A:  Tryouts will be held at the Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield.

Q: What is the cost for tryouts?

A: There is no cost to tryout.

Q: Does a player need to pre-register for tryouts?
A: Yes, for the 2014/15 season, any player interested in trying out for a select team must fill out the online pre-registration form. 

Q: Is there a select program for older players?

A: Any players interested in competitive for the U16 and U19 age groups should also fill out the online preregistration form even though there are no tryouts in these age groups.  You will then be contacted at a later date by the coaches of those age groups.

Q: How long is the select season?

A: The competitive season consists of a winter indoor season, which runs from November until March. Then there is a spring outdoor travel season which runs from April until the end of June.

Q: Where are games held for the indoor season?

A: The indoor season is held at the Wide World of Indoor Sports indoor facility in North Smithfield.


Q: Where are games held for the spring season?

A: The spring travel season consists of games held at our home fields (at BGYSA) and also at locations throughout Rhode Island.


Q: How often are practices and games?

A:  For the 2014/2015 indoor season, we are pleased to announce that practice will occur every week.  Practices for spring outdoor are up to the coach, but usually once or twice per week.  Games are usually once a week during indoor and spring season, but BGYSA has no control over game schedules, so this could change.

Q: What are the costs involved in select soccer?

A: The cost per player varies depending on age group and number of players on a team.  The 2013/14 Season was $425.  All new players are also required to purchase a BGYSA competitive uniform that costs approximately $70. (All prices subject to change).


Q: Does every child make it onto a competitive team?

A: Not necessarily, that is why there are tryouts, and players are ranked by their ability.  BGYSA does try to create as many teams as possible, but available coaches as well as limited roster sizes come into play. Those players not on a roster will be placed on a waiting list in the event another team does get formed, or one of the existing teams needs players at some point during the season.


Q: How can I become a competitive coach?

A: If you are interested in coaching a Select team, contact the Paulo Macedo, Select Director at  They can then let you know if there are any open positions in the age group you are interested in.  Please note that all head coaches must hold the appropriate coaching license or obtain within the first year to be considered and that each license is for a specific age group.  Courses are offered at varying times through out the year to obtain a license.  Course information, dates and times can be found on the Soccer Rhode Island website. 


Q: Do Select teams attend tournaments?

A: All select coaches are encouraged to attend at least one tournament during the season.  These tournaments are held in addition to the normal season of playing, and there are additional fees associated with any tournaments that a team attends.

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