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Referee Training and Information can be found here:


Visit Forms & Documents for Referee related forms.

For questions please contact our Referee Director at anytime!
BGYSA Referee Director


Note that both the Inaria uniform as well as the current USSF “pin stripe” style are permitted for wear in Rhode Island youth and amateur matches.

Match officials must be properly uniformed and dressed in matching uniform colors and sleeve length. The match Referee determines which uniform the team of officials shall wear. If there is a conflict in colors between the teams and the game officials, it is the responsibility of the referee team to choose a non-conflicting alternate color. In the event the referee team does not possess 3 matching and non-conflicting jerseys, a mix of sleeve lengths is permitted. The use of matching pinnies is permitted for the assistant referees (ARs). As a last resort, a referee may wear a pinnie so as not to conflict with the teams. Match officials do not need to have matching styles of uniform, so long as the colors match, unless otherwise specified by the rules of competition.

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