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About us

Welcome to BGYSA Soccer! We are a passionate and community-driven youth soccer club serving the vibrant towns and surrounding neighborhoods of Burrillville and Glocester, RI. With a strong commitment to fostering teamwork, skill development, and a love for the beautiful game, we're dedicated to providing a positive and inclusive environment for players of all ages and skill levels. Join us in shaping not only soccer skills but also lasting friendships and valuable life lessons. Let's come together, play with heart, and create unforgettable soccer experiences!



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Board Members

Amy Cardone

Kyle Bernache

Kate Degrandpre


Anthony Kocon

Coaching Director

Sandra Paquette

David Bessette
Referees / Tiny Tikes Director

Beth Bernache
Recreational Director

Kyle Bernache
Asst. Recreational Director

Kate Degrandpre
Recreational Registrar

Kate Vincent
 Competitive Registrar

Erik Tecun
Competitive Director

Anthony Kocon
Asst. Competitive Director

Patrick Sylvestre
Facilities Director

AJ Maynard
Asst. Facilities Director


Coach's Corner

Effective coaching practice preparation is crucial for player development. Tailored plans for different age groups ensure progressive learning. For young kids (5-8), focus on basic skills and fun games. For pre-teens (9-12), introduce tactical understanding. Teenagers (13-18) benefit from advanced drills and teamwork strategies. Every practice shapes future stars! 

Coaches and parents alike can benefit by creating a practice preparation plan.  Below, are some resources and tips courtesy of BGYSA.




Training & Information

Referee Training and information can be found in our Forms & Documents area.  For questions or concerns, please contact our Referee Director.


Referee Uniform

  • Both Inaria uniform and USSF "pin stripe" style allowed for Rhode Island youth and amateur matches.

  • Match officials must wear matching uniforms, determined by the Referee; alternate colors chosen if conflict arises.

  • Referee team with 3 non-matching jerseys can have mixed sleeve lengths.

  • Assistant referees (ARs) can wear matching pinnies if necessary.

  • Referees may use pinnies to avoid color conflicts with teams.

  • Uniform styles don't need to match, only colors, unless competition rules specify otherwise.

Grass Texture

our field's

The BGYSA Complex boasts a sprawling area, featuring three well-maintained fields. With its expansive grounds, players of all ages can enjoy the thrill of soccer during the fall recreational season. This premier facility provides ample space for practices, matches, and fostering a love for the sport.  Complete with the beloved snack shack with picnic tables offering food and beverages available for everyone, as well as several outdoor bathroom facilities spread throughout the grounds.  BGYSA has also partnered with Wide World or Indoor Sports Complex of North Smithfield to house our winter competitive seasons respectfully.

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